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This monthly sweepstakes is awarded randomly to a qualifying entrant. All you have to do is register, “like” us on Facebook, and post on our Facebook page, why YOU love Dermagist. At the beginning of each month, we announce the winner. The winner is given a promo code worth $200 to use on ANYTHING in our store. Talk about a great prize! No purchase necessary.
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Finally, a great way to save 35% on your products, and eliminate the hassle of having to order every month. Or, worse yet… forgetting to order and running out of Dermagist. Well, due to Popular Demand, Dermagist is now offering the “Replenish and Save” plan on all our products. You pay 35% less, for a 90 day supply (two of the product) and it’s sent automatically every 90 days.
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Skin Care Products top Sellers

These are some of our top selling skin care products.  Please browse our selection, check out the monthly specials, and use the “quick links” on the right to navigate to your favorite product’s page quickly.

Eye gel by Dermagist Skin Care ProductsThe Eye Revolution Gel – The best of skin care products: A light yet powerful gel that glides on the eye area, and aims to reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffy bags, and wrinkles while replenishing the skin. The Eye Revolution Gel is an ABSOLUTE POWERHOUSE when it comes to smoothing and brightening the eye area.  Learn More & See Special Offers
Neck cream by Dermagist Skin Care ProductsThe Neck Restoration Cream – A rich cream that glides on the neck and chest area.  Loose, saggy skin and wrinkles are firmed and tightened both on an immediate and long-term basis.  This is a VERY POPULAR seller among our customers.   This product contains Peptides and Stem Cells that help revitalize the loose saggy skin of the neck.  Learn More & See Special Offers
Complete Rejuvenation System by Dermagist Skin Care ProductsThe Complete Rejuvenation System – A system combining 3 of the Dermagist skin care products for the ultimate in wrinkle smoothing and age defying skin care. Enjoy a fantastic benefit to wrinkles, spots, redness, and pores.  A Blast of Peptides and Skin Rejuvenating ingredients flood the skin and restore a youthful appearance.  Learn More & See Special Offers
Skin tone correcting system by Dermagist Skin Care ProductsThe Skin Tone Correcting System – A two-part system that targets spots, discoloration and dull, uneven skin tone. Step one accelerates the process by deeply exfoliating dead, dull skin cells. Step two penetrates to help brighten, fade, and even out the tone of the skin.  No harsh chemicals are in this product, even though it PERFORMS incredible magic on uneven skin.  Learn More & See Special Offers
acne scars fading system by Dermagist Skin Care ProductsThe Scar System for Acne-prone Skin – An ingenious combination of skin care products for helping fade the look of post-breakout scars. An exfoliating cleanser and a cream that aims to smooth the bumpy look of scars AND helps even the skin tone. No more having to suffer from that bruised look or bumps and holes from prior breakouts.  Learn More & See Special Offers
Phenomenon by Dermagist Skin Care ProductsThe Phenomenon Dermal Filler – A potential cosmetic alternative to injectable dermal fillers. Phenomenon aims to have an instant effect on helping the look of wrinkles and pores.  Long term moisture and wrinkle smoothing trumps that of ANY OTHER FILLER including injectables, which wear off after a while.  Learn More & See Special Offers

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